Welcome to the website of S.I.S. GmbH / ApS

This is. ApS was established as a subsidiary of S.I.S. GmbH was established.

With the founding of S.I.S. Aps were the departments

On- / offshore and shipbuilding, including employees and their competencies

As a self-employed company in order to work more flexibly on the Danish market.

By founding ApS, we were able to provide our customers with administrative services.

Like the S.I.S. GmbH has the medium sized company

Subsidiary company S.I.S. ApS also aims to offer the best possible services at the best possible prices.

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Subasic Industrie Service ApS
Tuborg Boulevard  12
122900 Hellerup DK

Phone numbers:
+45 36     – 94 44 14
+49 47 21 – 590 780